Hey friends. My gosh, do we need to talk…

This is proof of life after a longggg, but much needed, recovery from an absolutely epic multi country/ continent adventure.

Our adrenal levels have soared, crashed and now found equilibrium. Our livers have recovered and our walking shoes have been replaced. Our caffeine addictions remain a moderate issue (but we will put a tac in that) and our heads are exploding with memories made.

Our last post left you guys jealous at the thought of your pastiest pals getting tan, and this is exactly where we will pick up from. So, this is the part where you guys make a tea and get comfy. Rambles ahead!

It’s totally predictable, and perhaps cliche but Santorini is absolute magic, like seriously. THIS. PLACE. WAS. RAD! Romantic = yes, heaps of fun = double yes!

We spent 10 days in Santorini and had a spectacular time. We flew direct from Berlin and arrived at our hotel for a handful of days to relax, tan and pretend we were on our (salmonella free) honeymoon, before the arrival of our beloved camels*and the rest of the wedding crew. Our hotel was in Kamari Beach. Kamari is known as the black pebble beach of the island. It is one of the most popular beaches in Santorini. Day beds with umbrellas line the beach with their accompanying cafes directly behind, which in turn line the boulevard.

Santorini doesn’t really have tides and the water is always calm. The ocean is the deepest, most beautiful blue and is a refreshing nipple hardening temp all year long due to the volcano beneath the ocean surface (not sure how that works, with you know… all the lava and such, but thats what the locals told us). Obvs, as an Australian, this beach was luxury. The sea around Santorini is crystal clear, almost instantly deep, and has no sharks or jellyfish! We could not get enough of the Aegean. C+Z+Agean 4 ever.  Our days here consisted of swim, sun, cocktail, nap, repeat. Then a tavern dinner at what felt like our Greek grandparents house, every night.

After a few days at Kamari, sufficiently sun kissed and relaxed, it was time to check out, pick up a quad bike and check in to Hotel Wheredapartyat AKA the regular hotel that most of the wedding guests including Bride and Groom, were to be staying.

Quad bikes, are fucking great! Hooning around Santorini feeling the wind in our eyelashes, was crazy fun. We had the freedom to explore the whole island, top to bottom. Almost all main roads from one area to the next are along cliff face, overlooking ocean, making these quad trips unforgettable.

Friends again! OMFG YESSSSSSS!

Of course we were at the airport, peeing our pants, waiting for our beloveds to arrive. They were stinky, and sleeping and some of them *diseased…looking at your Talia. BUT we were dying for the reunion and it was magnificent. All caught on probably more boring than watching paint dry GoPro footage, but treasure to us.

The following week was 99% shenanigans, quad biking, red wine and cuddles. It was perfection.  As a quad bike gang, not to be messed with, we hooned around Santorini beach to beach, look out to look out. Gangster AF. Or maybe not. Either way… you weren’t there to know.

The cocktailing, swimming and napping on deck chairs continued further in to the week. It was all very chill. With the exclusion of one speedboat tube ride/ looking death in the one eye you’ve got open/ clenching all your sphincters water sport/ activity thing. Hella fun, Hella scary. Four gents on one blow up disc vs. fair maidens on the other blow up disc (that you lay belly first on grabbing the handles for dear life) It was 30 minutes of screams and losing bikinis in the ocean.

We made friends with the old hilarious greek grandma who runs the tavern down the road called ‘Mamas House’. She fed us well, roused on us routinely (with the vocab of a sailer) for all sorts of quite frankly minor misbehaving, then buttered us up with pet names like sex bomb.

We also journeyed on a spectacular walk called the Caldera Trail. The trail follows along the caldera cliffs from Fira Town (centre of Santorini) to Oia (northern tip of Santorini). It was almost a four hour walk, and was awesome. The views from this walking trail are unforgettable. As a group of about ten, it was lots of laughs, and about one million photographs.

The night before the #BIGFATDAY, Zak, Matt and I took our quads to a winery on the island that overlooks the ocean. It had been recommended to us by the staff at our hotel. Boy oh boy, it was epic! We lucked out, arrived about an hour before sunset and were ushered out to a terrace table literally up against the edge facing out the the ocean. Only one small tour group in sight (and they had been shafted to the inside room). We were one of less than a handful of people outside. So, with no selfie stick blocking our views, the gents put their feet up. The sun began to set as the 4th Maria we had met in Santorini so far,  poured our wines and served our cheese pairings. THIS PLACE WAS HEAVENSENT, it took a lot of will power to leave, like alot…

There was a rehearsal dinner of sorts to attend, and we really like the Munnsbanks, so you know… we left. A little tingly headed, we left.


Munns’s and Stef’s wedding was beautiful, utterly amazeballs and very delicious.

It was a great day. The bride was relaxed and beaming, as usual. With a late evening wedding, we had all day to relax and do regular, traditional wedding day activities, like you know, walking around Fira town looking for a florist so the bride can buy some take away flowers and make her own bouquet… The rest of the day ran in a similar fashion, very traditional, bakery treats were eaten while listening to Seal, Kissed by a Rose and the resident Seadreamer applied the brides fake eyelashes while her two besties (completely under qualified quasi hairdressers) curled the brides hair.

The wedding was heartwarming, and intimate. The bride and groom looked SWISH and we had the most wonderful time. There is something really special about an intimate wedding, and when you pair that with a Santorini cliff side venue, personalised wedding vows, and a Baklava stack for a wedding cake – the day is glorious. It was a privilege we will cherish.

The wedding night was one long table, overlooking the ocean, wine flowing and live music. The night progressed inside with drunken overconfidence to the dance floor, and then escalated to a small group including the newlyweds stumbling into a club that played Shakira and Ricky Martin. The drunken overconfidence sky rocketed and climaxed with the bride, myself and Talz DANCING ON THE BAR. *Looking probably like retards, feeling like Drakes next back up dancers. The night culminated as any good night should, foggy memories of drunken eats at McDonalds.

The next day was hangover city and some genius had pre booked the wedding party to go on a sail out to one of the volcanos and swim in sulphur to springs. The 1 hour walk down to the port to save a 10Euro cable car in midday sun, was not the Wrights greatest decision making. The ferry ride that followed, painful. The stupidity of swimming in lukewarm water that smelt like farts, fucking idiots. The flip side of this is the rest of the ocean water was the cure we needed and the views looking back at Santorini from the boat and from the volcano were magic. So all in all, we survived, happily.

Our last night on Santorini Island was timed perfectly, each year Santorini celebrates the festival of the Volcano. The Ifestia Festival is a fireworks display on the island volcano that re enacts the eruption in 1600BC. Over 3000 fireworks are set off, as well as flares and fire displays that imitate lava flowing from the volcano. The water is filled with the lights of huge ferries, mored to watch the display and the Santorini streets are lined with tourists and locals alike, drinking, eating, dancing and listening to live music. The streets came alive that night and it was the perfect farewell to a wonderful island.

Santorini was such a contrast coming from a month of Berlin life, but a welcome change of pace. Greek people are CHILL, so chill. In fact, Zak and I overheard three staff members talking at a cafe in Kamari about what day of the week it was. None of them could work it out, so they asked a customer!

Okey Dokey, I think I have rambled on enough. You guys get it right? Enough is enough.

Oh wait! And we ate BULK olives, and there was ouzo involved too

Catch you guys in Morocco!

*Matthew H, Talia H, Cameron MB, Stefania MB. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about these dudes over the next few posts, so a group nickname was mandatory (obvs)


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November 14, 2016 at 04:11 AM

love love LOVE! Keep up the posting, makes me feel like i’m there with you xxx

December 09, 2016 at 04:12 PM
– In reply to: Hannah

Thank you Hannah!

November 15, 2016 at 08:11 PM

The pictures of Santorini are so amazing. I think I will have to visit asap !

December 09, 2016 at 04:12 PM
– In reply to: Ashley

Santorini and you, are a match made in heaven.

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