Munich… got pork?

Hello World!

Welcome to our debut blog post.  A week or so overdue, in some opinions we’re sure, but nevertheless here it is.  We are a resilient team, but by jingees we have been tested. With 48 hours remaining in Australia we were dealing with an avalanche of utterly improbable issues. We choose not to dwell on them but for your reading pleasure they were as follows:

  • Court – front tooth chipped
  • Zak – mad staph infection
  • Zak – broken luggage
  • Our Berlin lease fell through after signing (ie we were homeless)
  • Seriously WTF

Anywhozidaisies… we have bounced back and rectified each issue and are currently sipping our milchkaffee, blissing out and writing this from our new fav café in Berlin. Soho House X Store Kitchen.

It has been 12 days since our journey began in the air, and we have already seen | smelt | felt | learned | ate | photographed ALOT. Panicked a little. Regret nothing.


The first stop in our travels. We spent five days here. The first couple of days we walked around in a daze, taking in a whole new world, overwhelmed by the overestimation of our German language abilities and trying to grasp a new normal.

Our first observation: Holy Moly does Munich love pork.  Literally pork everywhere, on all the menus, in all the supermarkets it has its own section, and the line ups of people to BUY THE PORK. Seriously. Wow.

We are celebrating our small success stories and laughing at the fails. On day one we managed to fumble through a coffee order in German. Feeling triumphant we went on to a beer garden for some local chow.

The menu was insane and almost every word completely unrecognisable. We took a stab in the dark at the menu and let the surprise be part of the fun. Zak’s order was bread, pork sausage and various krauts and pickles (he was chuffed). My order turned out to be a Wurstsalat, and it really was the WURST. Imagine a salad that swaps lettuce for slices of devon, bathing in salad dressing with the occasional radish. That day I literally ate 500g of thinly sliced sausage in salad dressing.

The days that followed involved recovering from jet lag, german lessons, a lot of walking, and wrapping our heads around 9pm sunsets.

Munich and Bavaria, as we anticipated, is beautiful. Everything is so green, flowers are everywhere and the buildings are unlike any we’ve seen before.

We spent a day tripping around, exploring southern Bavaria. A special shout out goes to Petra and Dave Mitchell for our gifted trip to Neuschwanstein Castle. That day, we walked into, and explored a painting. It was a warm day, bees were out and we could not believe our eyes. Everywhere we looked was pinch yourself prettiness.

Another day was spent exploring the BMW Museum and the Pinakothek Der Moderne. Again we need to holla at Petra and Dave for the BMW Museum (we took some liberties here guys and swapped the Mercedes Museum for BMW, the building was a work of architectural marvel and it also owns Rolls Royce – Zak wanted to feel baller and pay it a visit) Hope you guys don’t mind!

The BMW Museum is enormous, and the building itself was a masterpiece. Court couldn’t get enough of its design, this freed up some time for me to have some unmoderated lusting and drooling sans bored wife. Winning!

The Pinakothek Der Moderne is a modern art gallery that was on the top of Court’s list to see. It was multiple levels, endless exhibitions and a really cool place. We saw an installation on technology, furniture and design over the decades of modern civilisation; an installation on malls around the world; a room of Picasso’s; an entire floor of photographic works and a thousand other creations.

This day was a bloody great day.

Germany really does rest on Sundays. Almost everything closes, and when the weather is nice – everyone spends the day outside. We had a glorious Sunday exploring the streets, eating the most delicious frozen yoghurt in the world (froyo w| brownie, cheesecake, strawberries and nutella – whatttt!?) and chilling with every other German at the English Garden.

The English Gardens are enormous, people are BBQ’ing, swimming in the lake, tubing down the lake, drinking beers, playing cards, volleyball, dancing, sun baking and just having a damn good Sunday.

In the new week, we hopped on a train and spent the day travelling North to our new home for the next month.

Berlin. We have arrived, we love you already.

Next blog post for you to suffer through will be posted soon. x


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August 15, 2016 at 11:08 AM

Wow wow wow!!! Love you guys this is great I feel (and wish) that is was there..

August 15, 2016 at 11:08 AM

the fun hath began – soon you will be eating in the dark. don’t forget to dare each other to remove clothes in the middle of the busy restaurant – I mean all the clothes.

August 15, 2016 at 09:08 PM

Worth the wait. Keep loving it and sharing it with us please.

Mum Lreply
August 15, 2016 at 11:08 PM

You have made my day…cannot wait for Dad to see this.
Through your words and photo’s I can feel your excitement, your happiness and wonder.

August 17, 2016 at 01:08 AM

Oh WOW! I love it and love you both! Haha Frank.. No photos of this please 😐

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