Portugal, Lisbon to Porto

The second half of our time in Portugal was spent between Lisbon and Porto. Both cities are insanely colourful and so much to explore. We drank with locals, learnt about the Portuguese history, wandered aimlessly through the prettiest streets and ate a shaming amount of Pasta de Natas. In Lisbon we visited the Lisbon Oceanarium, the largest indoor aquarium in Europe. We took the rickety old trams for the fun of it, ate portuguese chicken that put Nandos to shame, and drank in the streets listening to live music in the Bairro Alto neighbourhood. In Porto we spent a day discovering the Douro Valley, the one and only Port wine district in the world and again, more wandering through the beautiful neighbourhoods of the city. Portugal’s unique and vibrant cities were so beautiful in their whimsy. What is not to love about a street thats painted pink?

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