We have (… had) friends! OMG! And we went for a run.

Hooray! This week we were stoked to have friends passing through Berlin. (Looking at you Kristy and Nat)

We had our Visa’s sorted and now friends in Berlin, life = GOOD. The second week here was a doozy, so much goodness. This week we discovered even more, learnt slightly more German, exercised for the first time in a while (dang), drank alot of wine and did all of our shopping at organic markets with the locals.

The week began with Italian dinner, wine and a pretty epic life debrief with our aussie pal Kirsty. We met her travel buddy Nat and shared a few really great evenings together.

Wednesday night we went basement level for an evening of red wine and Jazz. This night each week at B Flat Jazz bar, is jam session night. The room is lit only by candle light, the tables are packed in and people even tighter. The vibe was groovy and the red wine was yumorama. Anyone can hop up on stage for a jam, we had an awesome time.

Thursday we decided to do as the locals do and head to the farmers market to stock our fridge. We were hosting our visiting friends for the evening and wanted to collect some local chow. Here we made friends with the turkish and italian vendors, ordering truckloads of breads, dips and antipasti to accompany our ‘wein’.

Dinner party was wonderfully fun, turns out husband can make a mean Amaretto sour and our guests are totally messed up enough to play the grown ups version of snog, marry, avoid *if you catch our drift*…. Our grannies read this peeps.

The next day was spent lazily in our apartment due to a drunken, 3am bed time the night/ morning before. Thank god for netflix. We did however manage to accomplish something pretty huge. Our AirBNB for Paris is now booked and confirmed! Yippee!

Saturday was more market fun. This time a bigger market place, specialising in entirely organic produce. The variety here is crazy and we were in heaven.  Orgasming over more quark parfaits, we bought ourselves berries, vegetables, dips, cheese, more quark, meats, breads, fresh pastas and pestos. Heaven.

That evening, inspired from one too many masterchef episodes at Robyn’s house in Oz, we whipped up a fancy feast with our market hall. Fresh gorgonzola ravioli with prosciutto, rocket and some fresh made pistachio pesto. We impressed ourselves.

Sunday, we ticked another experience of our bucket list. A Colour Run!

We found out it was running in Berlin by complete coincidence on Saturday afternoon, we registered instantly. It turns out running 5k can be fun(ish), considering it was our first exercise other than walking in weeks – we had a ball.

The only downside to the whole event was our goofy/ ill thought out photo plans. Re: Court ate ALOT of powdererd colour. Think zak pitching a baseball of powder into the air, and now think of how big Court’s mouth is when she laughs. DISASTER.

*I won’t even go in to what colour my snot was the next day. #fluro

After a morning of running, dancing and overall merriment we felt yum cha was an appropriate lunch to celebrate our triumph. Feeling like heroes leaving lunch, caught up in thinking nothing could touch us, Courtney, out of nowhere, fell the fuck over. Infront of probably the whole of Berlin. Because she’s that cool. So, as we sit here an write this, Courtney has about 100 bruises on her legs and mega scabbed knee.

The first booboo of the trip, certainly won’t be the last.

The rest of our week has been skyping with our pals Matt & Talz (hey guys!!), exploring more and eating more of our way around Berlin.

Although we are sure you are bored and give a total of zero sh*ts about this. Our favourite foods of the week have been nepalese momo’s, an Isreali feast and Huevos Rancheros at a Mexican hole in the wall restaurant called Maria Bonita. You probs weren’t dying to know, but take our word for it – they were too delicious not to mention.

To sum up, we are having a ball, eating a lot, laughing even more and embarrassing each other endlessly. We are missing our friends and family back home and feel slightly ridiculous waffling on over here so please – get in touch. What’s new with you guys?

Zak and Court x


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Mel Todreply
August 25, 2016 at 10:08 PM

I’m late for work because I stayed in the car to read your posts – so worth it! You guys are the best! Your posts are 80% food related and I LOVE it. What’s new in Townsville? There was an earthquake offshore Bowen last week and we felt the tremor here in Townsville. I actually thought it was the Council guys out the front of my work digging holes but hey, what do I know. The Cowboys won last night?…And…that’s all the Townsville related news I have!
4 weeks until our trip! I’ll be glad to be on your side of the world for a few short weeks instead of just living vicariously. I’m so happy everything has fallen into place (re Visas and accommodation) and you are making the most of your time abroad! Much love xx

December 09, 2016 at 04:12 PM
– In reply to: Mel Tod

I read this comment from time to time and always laugh. You are the BEST!

August 25, 2016 at 11:08 PM

Making me LOL at work! Love you both tonnes!!!!

August 26, 2016 at 06:08 AM

Thanks for making my Berlin experience more memorable! It was fab catching up and I do agree that husband makes a mean amaretto sour. Can’t wait for our next life debrief xx

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